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Advanced HDPVR: Couch “Potato-ing” Couldn’t Get Better!

Have you ever rushed home from work to make sure you can watch your favorite show? Or had one of those days where you just want to watch good TV? Of course you have, we all have. There are times when we all need to unwind and just settle in front of the television, but what if nothing that interests you is on? It could be that you’re missing out on good television because you don’t have the right channels, or enough channels. Instead of tirelessly flipping through channels and trying to find something to watch, you need to get Shaw Direct Advanced High Definition HDPVR (630).


The Advanced HDPVR will completely alter your Television experience. With great picture and sound quality, and many more great features, the HDPVR guarantees non-stop entertainment. If you don’t believe us, take a look at some of the  great features that will enhance your TV experience.


Channels Galore

Being Canada’s top digital satellite television, Shaw Direct offers more than 210 channels to its audience. With quality high-definition, HDPVR assures endless hours of entertainment and a great variety of channels to suit your interests and likes. You’ll never be left surfing through channels with nothing to watch again.


Cinematic Experience

Being 100% digital, Shaw Direct offers sharp picture quality and vivid color images in high-definition. Along with that, it also provides crystal clear sound that allows you to enjoy the cinematic experience on your very own couch. Whether you are watching a nature documentary or an action movie, you will be able to feel the thrill and excitement of every scene in a visually enticing and exceptional auditory experience. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors over to experience the ride with you.


Pay Per View Channels

Shaw Direct offers 32 pay-per-view HD channels along with its other channels. Now you can easily order individual channels instead of having to pay for a bundle of channels you don’t want or need. Whether it is your child’s favorite cartoon channel or a sports channel for you, just pay for the channels you want to watch and enjoy.


Additionally, you can watch any show or movie from Shaw’s selection of television series and movies. All you have to do is choose the one you want. If you’re not in the mood for a show, and want to listen to music, choose from a variety of music albums available to you through Shaw Direct and fill your life with your favorite artist in just a couple of clicks. Whatever your entertainment needs, Shaw Direct is ready.


Digital Recording

With Advanced HDPVR, never miss another show again. With over 45 hours of recording, you can record your favorite programs and catch them when convenient for you. A dual tuner enables you to record two programs simultaneously while you enjoy the third one live. You can also rewind and pause live TV . This will give you complete control over what you want to watch and how you want to watch it.


With these amazing features and many more, you will never get bored in front of your TV again. So, call a bunch of friends over or get together with your family to enjoy hours of entertainment and fun.


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