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Advanced Tech should be your choice for a home security monitoring service

Advanced Tech offers a wide variety of technology services, ranging from satellite tv to internet service to home security.  Probably the most important aspect of Advanced Tech’s home security package is the home security monitoring service.  Most home security is monitored – meaning that there is a manned offsite location that monitors the status of all of the home security systems that are “plugged” in.  Simply having glass break detectors, motion sensors and door contacts installed in your home is not enough.  There must be someone who will call the police or fire station in the event that any of these systems are set off when you can’t get to it.  Maybe you’re asleep or on vacation.


This is where the home security monitoring service comes into play.  For a monthly fee, you will be connected to the offsite central station through your land line.  These central stations are manned 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.  Their job is to watch for alerts that have been set off in a home that may indicate a fire, forced entry or even a false alarm.  At that point, they attempt to contact you to assess if emergency personnel should be called.  They do it all for you.  Basically, you have a 24 hour a day watchdog making sure your home and family are being looked after.


Fortunately, Advanced Tech offers home security monitoring service through Armstrong’s Intelligent monitoring.  They have been in business since 1995 and made calls thousands of times to its homeowners whose systems have set off an alert.  With such a long history, you can be sure that Advanced Tech will take the appropriate action and will never miss a call to check up on you when you need it most.


Even if you have existing home security hardware that may have been disabled for longer than you can remember, you should consider contacting Advanced Tech to get it up and running again, and most importantly, monitored.  For your own peace of mind, give them a call at 1 (800) 689-3434 or (506) 472-1800. 


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