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What Areas Does Advanced Tech Security Cover

Having knowledge of what is covered by Advanced Tech security will put you at ease with the services. They offer a variety of coverages and keep a pretty good balance of features with each and every one. Here is a breakdown of each category of home security they cover, along with some ideas of how it would be helpful to you.


Burglary is the obvious home security category, and accounts for the bulk of home emergencies. But the scary thing is that burglaries can take place while you’re still in the home! This is a lot scarier than when you’re away from the home, and puts everyone in the vicinity at risk. With Advanced Tech security, you are protected the same whether you’re in your home or away, and immediately alerted when something isn’t right. With up to 20% of break-ins happening while you’re home, a security system not only acts as a deterrent, but allows you to sleep safely knowing your home is a fortress.


Fire can be an unexpected threat to even the most up to date homes. Fire alarms let you know when it detects smoke, leaving you with a few minutes to get everyone in the home out to safety. And if you are being woken to the sound of a fire alarm, there is even less time to get everyone out.


With all of the things you need to do before even getting to the front door, Advanced Tech security can eliminate some of those priorities so you can get your family to safety. With the alarm system in place, pressing the FIRE button on your pad will immediately send a fire signal to the appropriate authorities. At this point your only focus is getting your family to safety while help arrives, with no worries about forgetting important emergency steps.


Even with burglaries and fires, medical emergencies can also be covered by a professional monitoring system. Just like the clearly marked FIRE button on your system, the EMERGENCY button will simplify things when your mind is racing and there is precious little time to act. A monitoring system is more than just a one trick pony, which is why settling with a quality choice is an important first step in the process.


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