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Armstrong’s 24 Hour ULC Monitoring – Using Technology to Your Advantage

Securing your family and your home has become increasingly important in today’s day and age. With technology, this task has become comparatively simpler than before as now you can reach out for professional help without having to search for and dial emergency numbers.


Today, home monitoring security companies are another great asset for your personal security. Even if you are away from home or your kids are alone at home, you can rest assured that someone reliable is there to look after your house, possessions and most importantly, your loved ones.


Armstrong’s Monitoring Service offers 24 hours of certified ULC monitoring for your home’s security. They use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the security of your home and family. Here are some reasons why they must be preferred over other monitoring companies in your area.


Modern technology used by Armstrong’s Monitoring Service enables them to be compatible with all major alarm systems offered in your area. So, whichever alarm panel or format you have, Armstrong’s Monitoring Service will be able to monitor your alarm system, providing complete security to your family.

Two-Way Personal Response

Usually when you call emergency numbers for help, you have to wait while a recording plays on the phone until a personal representative picks up. With Armstrong’s Service, this is not the case. When you call them for help, they offer two-way personal response. They have emergency specialists who will guide you on how to deal with an emergency situation. They will also send for help within a few minutes if need be.

Apps for Smart Phones

With smart phones and tablets, keeping in touch with clients has become much easier. Armstrong’s Monitoring Service has an app that clients can download on their mobile device. With the help of this app, users can receive important notifications and updates from the company as well as important security tips that might help them in case of an emergency.

Auto Text Messaging/Emailing

Whenever your alarm is triggered, Armstrong’s Monitoring Service will send you an email or text message immediately. This action is automatic and intends to inform you whenever your alarm goes off. This way you will be aware of any emergency situation in your home, even if you are not there.

Regular Reports

Armstrong’s Monitoring Service will send you regular monitoring reports as per your request. You can ask them to send you daily, weekly or monthly alarm reports via fax or email to help you keep a record of your alarm security system.


Such features are only possible with the help of modern technology and expert personnel. Armstrong’s Monitoring Service makes sure that they have both so you can enjoy utmost security. Now, you can sleep peacefully knowing that someone is out there who will protect you and will be available for help whenever needed.


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