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Benefits of 24 hour Medical Alert Services


When it comes to the benefits of 24 hour medical alert services, you can’t take for granted what is provided. It’s too easy to miss out on a service that can save lives, so take the time to go over the particulars and see why it can be an important part of your safety and well being. Advanced Tech offers a medical alert service through Linear which is helpful for anyone with children in the home, users suffering from handicaps or illnesses and especially for people who live alone. Get a sense of security and safety with a system that offers more than your money’s worth.


There are a lot of features for customers interested in 24 hour medical alert services. Additional equipment to your already running service won’t cost an arm and a leg, and the savings are upfront rather than monthly. With active monitoring, you can depend on the PERS-2400A Linear Medic Alert System to help in more than just medical emergencies. Keeping abreast of emergency situations like fires is another reason to consider the system. Linear also branches the usefulness of the product through maximum configuration options for multiple users and Braille characters on all important controls.


So how do you get started? If any of this sounds exciting to you, then 24 hour medical alert services is the perfect solution to your problem. New customers should make note of the requirements when it comes to getting the service, although the representative will go over them. Some key things to remember is to ask for base units that give low battery alerts. The emergency reporting system is compatible with both DX and DXS transmitters. This helps tremendously for compatibility reasons, and futureproofs all users if they decide to make a change. With battery life in the transmitters going in excess of 3 years, it is a perfect complement to the Medic Alert System. In its entirety, it can also be set up for delayed alarm functions. In the case of a false alarm, the CLEAR switch can be used to reset the system to its normal monitoring sequence. This means no more panicking when trying to figure out how to turn the alarm off, leading to a much better customer experience.


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