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The Benefits Of Using A Shaw HD PVR

When you order satellite TV through Advanced Tech, you will be set up with Shaw Direct, Canada’s best satellite TV service.  At the heart of the system is the Motorola 630 HDPVR.  As the name implies, you will receive high definition output and the use of the internal PVR.  PVR stands for personal video recorder.


With the Shaw HD PVR, you will be able to record 45 hours of HD programming or 145 hours of standard programming.  The real benefit to you is the ability to record one program while you are watching another.  The Shaw HD PVR has dual tuners that will allow the recording of two separate programs at the same time.  Another option that increases your recording potential is to record programs on two separate channels, all while watching a previously saved program stored on the PVR.  Of course you will be able to pause a live or recorded show any time and come back to it as your convenience. 


The remote control that comes with the Shaw HD PVR is designed to be programmed with just about every television available.  That means, one remote for every device you have, including DVD players and sound systems.  If you want to purchase pay per view movies or events, you just need to hook up the PVR to a phone line and you will have immediate access.  You can also adjust screen ratios.  This is especially desirable when watching standard programming on your HDTV.


When using the PVR, there are many options to save only the programs you want.  You can record only new programs and skip the older shows.  One of the favorites is being able to record longer than the designated length.  If you are recording a sporting event like a football game that can run past the specified menu guide length, just tell the PVR to record an extra 30 minutes.  This works especially well for programs that are scheduled immediately after sporting events that may run long.


In order to get the latest in Shaw HD PVR technology and access to over 760 channels, call Advanced Tech at 1(800) 689-3434 or (506)-472-1800 to find out how you can get Shaw Direct installed in your home today.


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