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Buy a Burglar Alarm and Protect Your Valuables


Home invasions happen quickly with calculations down to the last second. Whether you’re in or out of the home, this can be a nerve wracking experience and is the prime reason you should buy a burglar alarm. Burglaries go far and beyond expensive goods and can cover items that have personal meaning to you. And if you don’t lock away personal information, there is a good chance that the robbers can hit you again from a distance by using information they stole. Digital attacks are the worst kind and hardest to stop. That’s why the best counter measure is preventative.


Home security customers that end up with the PC1832 will be getting the premiere PowerSeries Control Panel. This is one of the better wired alarm systems you can get if you buy a burglar alarm from Advanced Tech. It is CP-01 compliant and can handle up to 72 user codes. What makes this model great for large homes is that it is expandable in multiple ways, with both hardwired and wireless zones being the big ones. In total, it acts as the brains to the alarm system and can handle up to eight supervised keypads. A lot of users that do wired upgrades tend to favor the PC1832 and its ability to match with the most popular keypads. Customers that want to protect their valuables will be drawn to the reliability of the PC1832 and its many upsides.


Advanced tech also offers wireless systems for customers that want to buy a burglar alarm, with the DSC 9047 the most popular model of both the wireless and wired options. Not only does it reduce false alarms, but it has the smallest footprint in the industry. It’s more professional looking, and most importantly it’s modern. The digital display with clock and the no nonsense design keeps everything easy for any level of customer. So while it is technically the most superior burglar alarm offered, it still doesn’t add any extra effort to the end user that has to deal with all of the improvements. Buyers can opt to receive the 433 or 868 MHz model based off of their needs.


Advanced Tech can offer advice on which of these models would fit your home best, rather than have you worry about the small details. An initial consultation can provide a lot of insight into not only what you need to protect, but what model is needed to protect those items in your home.


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