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Cable TV or Satellite TV—Which Is Better For Me?


It’s not every day that you have a choice between two pleasurable things: Cable TV or Satellite TV. Again, while having a choice is good, actually doing it is easier said than done.


For starters, cable TV and satellite TV have many things in common. Both can perform and capable of the same excellent performance when it comes to pictures, and even the same channels in HD. Heard talks of 500-channel TV viewing? Both cable TV or satellite TV can and able to deliver!


On the other hand, though, differences also abound.


For instance, Cable TV carries programs into your TV by means of radio frequency through fiber optic or coaxial cables. Satellite TV makes do with communications satellites received by an antenna on a satellite dish. And while they can both offer channels on HD, satellite TV generally has superior options on national High Definition channels but cable has the edge on local HD channels. Most of us patronize national channels so it’s a no-brainer who has the edge here. Let me spell it for you: S-A-T-E-L-L-I-T-E.


When it comes to aesthetics, it’s basically a choice between a small box and wires against a satellite dish conspicuously installed on the roof. That will ultimately depend on you personally but a small interior box at a trunk line in the neighborhood (with wires connected to your home) is preferred by many than a satellite dish attached to the side or on the roof of your house. Unless you really want the neighbors to know you can afford a satellite TV, then by all means go for it. (Slight edge on cable TV here).


In pricing, the bang for your buck is on satellite TV. This is because they generally don’t have to pay taxes levied by local governments. Cable TV might start out at the low end of the spectrum but it could increase eventually. The upfront cost may be higher in satellite TV installations but new customers could qualify for free installations. On the other hand, cable TV companies have to maintain its networks of cables and the cost will reflect sooner or later in your monthly bills.


So which one is better for you? Is it cable TV or satellite TV? There is no forthright answer here but when it comes to checking the boxes, it would seem like satellite TV edges cable TV, but not by much. Practically speaking, no one needs a hundred channels to switch every day. That means the choice will not boil down to who delivers more but who delivers the content that you want, to your satisfaction. If you like more news options or an ardent fan of most national sports, satellite TV could be your choice here. Moreover, your choice could depend on the area you live in. Cable TV providers usually have the advantage in an urban setting while satellite TV should have the edge in rural places as long as the dishes could point south.


Again, there are too many factors to consider to decide for everyone in a clear-cut manner. Sports and news are program choices that could ultimately move the needle when it comes to deciding between cable TV or satellite TV. I know that’s what I’ll go for. But that’s just me.


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