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Dome Cameras – Your Bodyguard 24/7

Security has always been a top concern for businesses and residences. New technology has enabled individuals to keep a watch on their premises even when they are not present on the spot. For this purpose, security cameras are being used everywhere.

Out of the many types of security cameras, dome cameras stand out due to the flexibility and features they offer. They can be used for surveillance at all times, even at night. Some of their key characteristics include:


Cutting Edge Design

Their sleek and stylish design allows them to fit into any space without being obvious. These cameras are preferred over other types of cameras as someone looking at a dome camera will not be able to figure out where the lens is facing.


These cameras are very compact and lightweight, which ensures easy installation onto ceilings. Moreover, the height at which dome cameras are installed reduces the chances of the cameras being attacked or tampered with.


Pan Tilt Zoom

This feature allows users to rotate or tilt the camera and zoom in on a subject. You can control the camera movement from your base position, from where you carry out your monitoring activities. This allows you to get a complete view of the entire area where your camera is fixed and no spot will be out of your field of vision.


The best thing about dome cameras is that the tinted dome conceals the camera and hides the movements, making it almost unnoticeable. This way you can easily move the camera around and monitor the area without alerting anyone.


360° View

If the space you want to monitor is large, like a restaurant or casino, you can get a larger dome installed with multiple cameras within the dome. This would allow you to monitor the entire area and obtain a 360° view of the space. Monitoring more locations within an area will help reduce the occurrence of any unfortunate incidents to a minimum.


Night Vision

These cameras can help you get a color view of your space in daytime. At night time or when lights around the camera are dim, the camera can capture high resolution black and white images. These images are sharper and makeup for the lack of color.


Facilitates External Use

Usually, dome cameras are used indoors; however, being waterproof enables them to be used outside as well. In addition to that, these cameras have a built-in defog function that allows the dome to clear off any fog on its surface.


The cameras can function in harsh climates as well. They can operate even when temperatures drop down to -40°C. These qualities make the dome cameras ideal for outdoor use as well.


Motion Detection

Even when you are not monitoring the camera every moment, these cameras have motion detection features that can alert you via email notifications. For instance, if you have a surveillance camera in your shop which is closed at night time, you will be alerted if anyone tries to enter it.


Dome cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique features. They can very well be considered as bodyguards as they are able to monitor your premises around the clock.


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