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Linear Medical Alert System

Medic Alert System Installation and Monitoring

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If any of these scenarios describe you or your loved one, you may consider getting a Linear Medic Alert System.

  • Live alone or are alone for extended periods.
  • Have children who are often alone after school.
  • Are at risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • Are handicapped or suffer a disabling illness.
  • Are worried about personal safety.

PERS-2400A Linear Medic Alert System

The PERS-2400A is a feature-rich 24-hour personal emergency reporting system.

  • Fire, emergency, and inactivity reporting
  • custom programmable emergency alarms for 16 users
  • Compatible with DX and DXS transmitters
  • full supervision of DXS models
  • Plug-in 2-way voice option
  • UL listed per Standard 1637
  • Braille characters on all user controls.

Linear has built a lot of capability into the PERS-2400A, a 24-hour personal emergency reporting system. It is a flexible emergency, fire, and inactivity reporting package, but can also be custom programmed by the installer to work with and report several other functions.With 16 reporting zones, it can work with and report individual emergency alarms for up to 16 users. It can be configured to provide delayed alarm functions.
It can be configured to send a silent alarm condition. It can even be configured to act as a speakerphone. Contact ID and 4 x 2 communicator reporting formats are standard.
Twoway voice is an easy plug-in option.The Linear PERS-2400A and its system accessories are UL listed as Home Healthcare signaling equipment per UL Standard 1637.
Provisions have also been made in the system for the interconnection of a Linear PD-2 voice dialer (Not UL listed).The dialer can be used to supplement the digital communicator or for systems that do not need central station connection.
The uniquely-styled, ultra-compact console is distinguished by ease of operation for the user and ease of installation and programming for the installer.
A large, centrally located EMERGENCY button makes it convenient to initiate a manual alarm. For visually impaired users, controls are identified by Braille characters. In addition to EMERGENCY, these controls include a CLEAR switch, which cancels any alarm or resets the system following completion of an alarm sequence, and a HOME switch, which resets the activity reporting timer (or disables the function when it is not required).
Front panel indicators are provided for POWER, TROUBLE, SENDING, and HOME. The PERS-2400A has 16 radio channels for use with a variety of Linear DX and DXS transmitters, including pendants, keyrings, handhelds, wristbands, specially configured door/windows, PIRs, and smoke detectors.
Both transmitters feature over 1,000,000 ID codes. When DXS models are used with the console, the PERS-2400A can be configured to provide full RF supervision.Transmitters send ALARM, STATUS, and LOW BATTERY.
The console is designed for tabletop use or wall mounting. Easy access is provided for installing the back-up battery, as well as the optional two-way voice module.
The radio antennas are not visible when the PERS-2400A is completely assembled and installed.
Two phone jacks are provided: one for connection to the household phone system; the other for connecting a telephone (this jack automatically disconnects the telephone when an alarm occurs at the console).
System programming can be done using RA2400 Windows-based remote access software.All transmitters are quick-learned by the console.

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