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The Importance of Home Security Intrusion Detectors

Most homes have passive fire alarms.  You know the ones that chirp when the battery gets low.  But there are plenty of homes that have no home security intrusion detectors or may have some sensors that aren’t even monitored.  Homes without alarms systems are 300% more likely to get broken into.


With the rise in home burglaries, it only makes sense to protect your home and family by installing home security intrusion detectors.  These come in a variety of different equipment and it’s up to you to decide how aggressive you would like to be in securing your home.  The more equipment installed, the greater the line of defense.  Here is a list of the most common ones:


·         Glass break detectors – Typically installed on glass doors or windows.  The sound of breaking glass will set off the alarm.  Recent improvements in this technology will allow the detector to differentiate between the sound of a broken window versus the sound of a dropped glass.  No more false alarms

·         Motion detectors – This one is particularly effective when you are on vacation or out of town.  If a burglar were able to gain entry into your home, a wall mounted detector will pick up any movement within its area of effect and set off an alarm immediately.

·         Window and door sensors – These are the most common yet still very effective.  They will detect when a window or door is opened and produce an alarm.


Of course having all of this equipment to protect your home is great, but someone has to monitor the system in case one or more of the sensors are triggered.  For a small monthly fee, a central monitoring station will be connected to your security system via a phone line.  When any of the alerts go off, this central station will call you to make sure there hasn’t been a break in.  If you don’t answer, don’t know, or are unable to provide the password for a false alarm, then they will immediately call the police and someone will be dispatched to your home to check up on you.  


To have true piece of mind and safeguard your family in the event of a break in, there is no better way than installing home security intrusion detectors and having them monitored.  Call Advanced Tech, in Fredericton for a no obligation quote today 1 (800) 689-3434 or 1 (506) 472-1800.


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