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Important Shaw Direct Information on Their Services


As a leading provider of media, there is important Shaw Direct information that every customer should make note of. The things listed below will help a lot of customers in their decision making, not only with a media provider, but with features they didn’t even know were available. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that cable and satellite companies only offer one service, when in fact it is several. Many of these services can be bundled together into one package for huge cost savings, a considerable gain for any customer coming from another provider.


The first item on the list considered important Shaw Direct information is their inclusion of internet service. By partnering with Xplornet they instantly gain high ground on high speed internet, even in rural areas. Xplornet is still Canada’s leading rural broadband provider, something that they take very seriously. With Shaw offering a number of online features like PPV’s and access to TV on other devices, having reliable internet is a vital component of a full home media experience. If you have great TV service and don’t have a good internet connection then you are paying for 100% of the service but only getting about 30% of the benefits. Take full advantage of your media plan by reading up on how their internet plans can completely shape your household.


Le Sublime is a package just for French Customers and is a huge discount to the regular package while still giving customers all of their vital French programming. Out of all of the important Shaw Direct information, this one is key when it comes to a certain market. It is considered to be the most robust French package from any provider and almost reaches 400 channels total. That isn’t including the other features and app availability that the customer gains control of. This is a great package that has everything in it but the kitchen sink.


Shaw Direct has some of the lowest priced business packages available. For large or small business owners that are familiar with the service at home, it is a no brainer that they would work equally well on the business front. A reliable media service for your growing company is one less headache to worry about on your way to the top.


Whether residential or business, there are plenty of reasons to consider Shaw Direct as your primary service. Call Advanced Tech at 1 (800) 689-3434 or (506) 472-1800 and you can get started today!


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