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Installing Door Contacts Without Ruining Appearances

By: Advanced Tech, Fredericton, NB

There has been almost no change to door contacts over the years; they still do only one thing. They sense if the door or window on which it is mounted to is closed or open.

There are wired and wireless door contacts, so when you do renovations and you’re going to have a new door, don’t worry. There is always a way to get a new contact on it.

And the contact may be mounted “invisibly “. We use recessed door contacts more and more. Just like you, we don’t want our perfect new door to have a blemish on its surface.

We have four Plastic Sliding doors with a “wireless wafer contact.” With dimensions no thicker than 3mm, it blends in perfectly.

Let us install your new door contacts for a beautiful, seamless look that still helps keep you and yours safe.

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