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Introduction to the Linear Medical Alert System

Linear medical alert is an uncomplicated monitoring solution with a lot of benefits. Looking at the categories of people that are protected by the service is a good way to weigh the benefits. What type of household do you have? For someone that lives alone, having a system that alerts the proper authorities when they need help is essential. Anything can happen when you’re alone, and if there is no one there to help, what happens? In this case having a DX or DXS compatible transmitter on your person will save you, even when you’re away from the console or phone.


For homes with large families, there is the benefit of a Linear medical alert system keeping an eye on your children. Teenagers that are home after school or special needs children will always benefit from having an easy to use monitoring system that uses a no nonsense approach to reporting. And if a family member lives nearby, it can be set up to alert them so they can get to your home quicker than an ambulance. It’s all about convenience when it comes to a medical emergency, and for large families that live in rural areas, sometimes a family member is the best option until help arrives.


Special needs individuals that suffer from any number of conditions will be able to adapt to the system quickly. There are Braille characters on all controls, and all DX and DXS transmitters can be setup as normal everyday accessories. Customization is what makes Linear medical alert a joy to have around the house, since it can do its job without deep user intervention. A friendly install tech will go through a mini-orientation to get you acclimated with the new system. This includes setup of compatible transmitters and an explanation of the various modes.


No matter the size of the home or the individuals capabilities, having a medical monitoring service in the home is always a good idea. With support for up to 16 users, all inhabitants of your home will be covered. Personal safety shouldn’t be an afterthought, and if help is needed, it should be immediate. Sometimes just knowing that you’re protected is enough to lower stress levels and relax in your place of residence. Even if the Linear medical alert is optional in your overall home monitoring system, it provides enough safety to make the full service worth your time.


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