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Intrusion Detection Systems – Keeping Your Home Safe in Your Absence

The main function of an intrusion detection system is to alert the occupants of a household of a trespasser. This helps keep a house safe and prevents unwelcome intrusions or break-ins. In the market, you will find a variety of systems that prevent intrusion. Here are the two most popular types.

Contact Alarms

These alarms are used on doors and windows. They operate through a simple electronic technique. Two parts of an electrically active sensor circuit are attached such that when a door or window is closed shut, the two parts meet to complete the circuit. When someone attempts to open the door or break in through a window, the joined sensor circuit will break. This will trigger the alarm on the security control system and make the residents aware of the intrusion.


This security system can be programmed before everybody leaves the house or before you go to sleep at night. This way you can ensure your home’s security when you are sleeping or are away from home.

Motion Detection Alarms

Such alarms can be used for premises that are totally unoccupied so if there is any movement, the system detects it and alerts you. You have to ensure that the sensitivity is not too low otherwise these alarms go off even at the slightest movement that may be a false alarm.


Motion sensors must be placed in those areas of the house that an intruder is likely to come across when he enters, such as the lounge or entrance lobby. Make sure to place motion sensors in rooms that lead to the back and front entrance. This way, anyone who is already inside your house will still be caught if he/she tries to go further into your house.


There are many different kinds of motion sensors. However, the main one is the infrared temperature sensor. This monitors the room’s overall temperature and any change in the temperature reading, like when a person enters a room, it will trigger the alarm instantly. Motion sensors are very difficult to fool, hence a great way to keep your home secure.

Which One Should I Use?

Contact alarms are perfect for houses that have multiple entrances which need to be guarded. This way, break-ins can be discouraged and all entrances can be secured. However, if the intruder is skillful and clever, he may be able to bypass contact sensor alarms by tweaking the system a little. However, this is a very difficult task.


Therefore, it is best to use a combination of both these sensor alarms to completely and entirely secure your premises, especially in the case when there is no human on the premises.


With these sensors placed in your house, you can be at peace and leave your house to go to your workplace. You can also take a long vacation without worrying about the security of your house as these alarms will ensure that no one dares to break-in, and if they do, they will be caught.


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