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Learning to Use the Emergency Medical Alert System

There will come a time when you need to depend on your home monitoring system to alert you to something other than a burglary or fire. That is when an emergency medical alert system can come in handy, and is beneficial to families or those living alone. If you have a storied medical history or children in the home, this can be a lifesaver on more than one occasion. And since it is a 24 hour reporting system, you are covered 100% of the time without worry of there being lapses. Here are the reasons the system is accessible to several people. 


The first step to learning how to use the system is going over what is included. The console is made for all types of users, with only the most important buttons being visible. They are easy to make out, with a large emergency button being the centerpiece of the setup. Front panel indicators are in layman’s terms, so there are no problems distinguishing what certain modes do. Clients can decide to either mount the console on a wall or have it on an easy access area like a table.


Besides using the manual emergency button, there are several DX and DXS transmitters. These can be worn around the neck, on a key ring, in a pendant, as a watch or just about anywhere you can think of. They all serve the same purpose, and that’s to send a signal to your console for the emergency monitoring station. An operator immediately gets back with you, and depending on the setup, will contact loved ones or an ambulance. The entire process is simple, and functions as a straightforward emergency medical alert system without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Learning the system takes mere minutes and doesn’t feature any complicated steps.


Compatibility with DX and DXS devices is what makes this emergency medical alert system important. Being able to comfortably walk around your house knowing that help is a touch of a button away makes you feel safe, protected and assured. With option features like voice, multiple user configurations and emergency setup options, a medical alert system that is set up in your home should be part of your overall home monitoring package. Keep medical emergencies manageable by avoiding scenarios that leave you without the help needed to get better. With a proper home monitoring service, medical help is yours every day out of the year.


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