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The Major Advantages Of Senior Medical Alert


Senior citizens are just as able as any other age, but that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate the benefits of a senior medical alert. Through the years there have been vast improvements on how senior citizens are handled using medical monitoring equipment. One of those changes was big, and that was making the equipment more user friendly for all ages. There are no unnecessary buttons or confusing features jammed into the equipment. From the top to the bottom, the PERS-2400A was built with customer satisfaction in mind.


Alzheimer’s can be a debilitating disease that takes away precious memories and basic motor functions. A familiar voice can be a big help in a medical emergency involving this sickness, which is great for senior citizens that live alone. With the emergency contact feature that senior medical alert services offer, when the operator calls in after being alerted, they can send over a familiar face to calm things down. This cuts down on unnecessary hospital visits, and most of all it opens the door for letting a senior citizen to keep their independence, even if they have Alzheimer’s. If a relative is the one setting it up for the senior citizen, then they can help out by letting the service know of any words that would calm the senior citizen, or possibly bring them back to a safe mental state. It’s all about options and being able to offer them when available.


Senior citizens that take a lot of medicine may have trouble sleeping at night. Since they keep irregular hours, there is a good chance their medical emergencies will take place long after everyone else has went to sleep. Senior medical alert services allow the console to be placed hanging on the wall, or sitting up on a stand or desk. Putting the console on a nightstand by the bedside will relieve a lot of the stress of getting out of bed to call for help. They can simply reach over to the nightstand and hit the emergency button to get medical attention, and not worry about hunting down a phone.


Senior medical alert is an important service that lets seniors live their everyday lives on their own without constant worry. Paired with an appropriate burglar and fire alarm, it is a trio of monitoring services that keeps an eye on everything. When the worst comes in your direction, the service will be ready to set things right.


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