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When Medical Alert Services Saved Lives


Hearing stories about the lives saved by medical alert services is a great look into what they can do for you. A lot of lives have been saved by the system, but beyond the life threatening saves there have also been many non-threatening emergencies that were helped with a system in place. The monitoring shouldn’t just be used for hardcore emergencies, as there will be plenty of times where a regular emergency will call to its attention.


In one home emergency situation, a resident was feeling ill but couldn’t get to her phone. At this point she could have toughed it out and made it to her phone, but the more logical choice was to use the wireless bracelet that was connected to her monitoring system. Within minutes she had a friendly voice on the other line, which is of course a big feature of the medical alert services offered. She didn’t quite grasp what was going on with her, and was directed by the worker to stay on the line while they called for an ambulance.


And again with a similar situation, resident that had been suffering from multiple strokes felt another one coming on, but was a few miles from the hospital. Fearing that too much movement would cause something bad to happen, he used his wireless bracelet to get a representative on the phone. The problem still remained that an ambulance would take longer than usual to get there. With appropriate medical alert services, a user can set up contacts that are safe to call in case of an emergency. In this situation, the operator had a contact that was a few houses over, come by and wait with him until the ambulance arrived.


The PERS-2400A comes with a big emergency button not just for show, but because it is useful. A single mother with two kids had instructed her children about pressing the big round emergency button for medical emergencies. The phones in the home were too high for the children to reach, so the console was set on a table that everyone could reach. When the mother started showing signs of an anxiety attack, one of the children used the console to get help. It was right in the nick of time, since and it turned out to be a minor heart attack rather than an anxiety attack.


Medical alert services are powerful tools in the hands of individuals that prioritize their own health. With the right mindset, purchasing a full home medical system will become a huge priority.


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