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Medical Alert System: Someone to Always Look After You!

Life has become much busier than before. People suffer from high levels of stress due to greater responsibilities at work and home. In such circumstances it becomes extremely difficult to look after your loved ones. Medic Alert System now frees you from such worries.


Although technology is often blamed for creating distance between people, it can also help keep us close to our loved ones. If you have a full time job and are unable to attend to your parents or have children who stay alone at home after school is out, you need someone reliable to look after them. Medic Alert System is a personal emergency system that is active 24/7 to be at your service.


This system has several features that allow you to stay in touch with and report to relevant authorities in times of need. This technology offers a complete security package. The Medic Alert System offers:


A Console

On subscribing to this service, you will be provided a compact console that can be placed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall. This user friendly console is easy to install and operate. A large “Emergency” button located right in the middle of the console makes it easier to set off a manual alarm and call for help. Other buttons such as “Clear” (cancels an alarm) and “Home” (resets the reporting timer), help you to control the system depending on the circumstances.


In case a visually impaired person needs to use the console, the buttons are also labeled using Braille, which helps them identify the tasks each button is supposed to perform.


The console can also work as a two-way communicator that connects you to a service representative who will immediately respond to your call. So, whether it is a fire emergency, health issues or any other personal emergency, the representative will contact the necessary authorities and send help your way instantly.



You will also be given some other accessories when you register for this service. These accessories include a smoke detector, wristbands, key rings, pendants, handheld devices, etc. The accessories come in handy when you have a huge house or you are in your yard or anywhere away from the main console. If you are not near the main console when an emergency occurs, you can press the HELP button on your accessory. This will activate the base unit and you will be connected to an operator on the spot. You can then communicate your problem to them and they will help you out in the best way possible.


Custom Programming

The system can be custom programmed to suit your needs. You can report your emergency using 16 different reporting zones. This means that at one time, 16 people can use this system to individually report their emergencies.


Inactivity Reporting

The system offers delayed alarm settings that allow you to set a certain time. If there has been no report from your side within this time, they will check on you when the pre-set time is exceeded.


With Medic Alert System, you can be sure that someone is looking after your loved ones at all times.


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