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If any of these scenarios describe you or your loved one, you may consider getting a personal medical alert system

  • Live alone or are alone for extended periods
  • Have children who are often home alone after school
  • Are at risk of stroke or heart attack
  • Are handicapped or suffer a disabling illness
  • Are worried about personal safety

Numera PERS 4200X console is a completely wireless personal security solution (via land line or cellular module) and features upgradeable firmware with configurable "night-time", "do-not disturb" and personalized activity customization. Other key features include personal wearable transmitter range up to 1000ft, two-way voice capability, variety of connections (telephone jack, USB port, proprietary connectors for modules) back-up battery for 24 hours and illuminated "help" button

Home Safety Alert System

The Numera Home Safety Hub, PERS-4200X console with compatible 2GIG environmental sensors, provides a home safety ecosystem, delivering user and environmental data to a user's family and care team.

The Hub connects with home safety sensors: fire and smoke, CO and variety of activity sensors.

Sensors wirelessly summon help in a case of an environmental emergency even if you can't press the button or call for help.

Personal & Home Safety Wearables

Numera Home Safety Hub compatible wearables are attractive, comfortable and encourage usage at all hours, promoting full time use and deliver full time protection. All wearables are durable, shock and water resistant with long lasting battery.

Fall Detection Pendant - is the latest in technology in the Number aline of Personal emergency wearables. Reliable strong transmission with range up to 1000 feet from the PERS console, plus leading-edge fall detection technology promote full-time use and around-the-clock protection.

Personal Help Button Pendant - Wristband that is ideal for night use. It has an aesthetically - pleasing design and comes with adjustable break-away lanyard.

How Personal Medical Alert Works

  • 1

    Initiate an Emergency

    You can initiate a manual emergency by pressing the HELP button on the console, wrist band or neck pendant. An automatic emergency can also be initiated if you are wearing a fall-detection pendant.

  • 2

    24/7 Monitoring

    A call is made to the monitoring station where a friendly & professionally trained operator will be with you to assess the emergency and keep you calm while waiting for emergency responders to arrive.

  • 3

    Emergency on the Way

    If required, emergency responders such as fire, police and ambulance are dispatched. Also, the friendly operator can have friends and family sent over to your location. The courteous operator will remain on call with you until help arrives.

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