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Options for Internet for Remote Areas


Having a high-speed internet for remote areas is a must. Access to the worldwide web should not only be limited to the bustling metropolis. However, it is sometimes tough to get sufficient internet signal in remote areas. No telephone lines, no cables and no wireless hotspots could mean no stable internet connection.

That is why Xplornet has offered access to the internet for remote areas with the use of satellite internet technology. Xplornet aims to provide the highest quality internet connection and to ensure this will reach far-flung areas of Canada.

We know that time is essential. We do not want to interrupt your busy day when you have to stop and wait for your connection to get through you. That is why Xplornet uses only the latest in technology so they can offer high-speed internet for remote areas that is fast and user-friendly. Perfect for busy as well as laid-back people.

What options are offered?

Xplornet’s high-speed internet for remote areas has a download speed of up to 25 Mbps. If you do streaming, gaming or just chatting using social media, this speed is more than perfect. You can have a movie marathon anytime. Or you will get to have the best gaming experience with all its high-speed internet glory.

Please note though that packages for the high-speed internet for remote areas would depend on location/zip code.

For example, in a remote area in New Brunswick, the lowest residential package has 5.0 Mbps download speed that is good for basic web browsing, email and for 1-2 devices with 50 GB monthly data. The next package has 10 Mbps download speed with 200 GB data, ideal for light streaming, web browsing, and downloading of music and photos.

The second highest package has 25 Mbps download speed with 300 GB monthly data. Best for average streaming, active web activity, downloading for 1-3 devices. The highest package also has 25 Mbps download speed but with 500 GB monthly data, perfect for streaming, web browsing, and multiplayer gaming for 1-3 devices.

Business packages range from the lowest download speed of 10 Mbps while the highest has 25 Mbps with 500 MB monthly data. For those who are from Fredericton and nearby areas, your local high-speed internet dealer is Advanced Tech. Of course, they also offer premier high-speed internet for remote areas.

Now, we know there are a lot of options for high-speed internet for remote areas. Don’t be left behind when it comes to technology. Contact the nearest Xplornet or Advanced tech in your area for the package that suit your needs.

For more information on XPlornet Hi speed Internet, call Advanced Tech at (800) 689-3434 or (506) 472-1800 and receive a no obligation quote today.



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