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Parental Locks – Make TV Viewing Safe for Children

With children in the house, parents will surely be concerned when it comes to TV viewing. When your child has the remote in their hands, how can you stop them from watching content that is not suitable for their age? The answer is simple: Parental Locks.


Today, most televisions offer the parental lock option to users, which helps them block certain shows or channels. You also have the option of blocking content according to their time slots or ratings. This will help you monitor what your kids watch at home.

Why Is It Necessary?

With a wide variety of content available on TV, parental control over TV viewing has become quite necessary. You will certainly not want to expose your children to content that contains violence or sexual content. So, you can put parental locks over certain channels or shows to restrict your children from watching them.

Which Programs Should I Block?

If you are not a regular TV watcher, how will you know which programs are suitable for children and which aren’t?  Your TV can help you in this matter too. Your TV will list all the scheduled programs that will run in the day. Each program will have some description and information along with it that you can read. There will be some audience ratings or content advisory mentioned in the information too.


If the program information mentions “PG-13” or “PG-18”, this means that the program may not be suitable for children under 13 or 18 years of age. It can contain nudity, foul language, sensuality, violence, etc. A program that is rated R means restricted. Parents are strictly advised to watch such programs themselves before allowing their children to watch it, that too if they find them suitable.


Programs rated “R” usually contain profanity, sexual content, persistent or intense violence, drug abuse and nudity. There are many other ratings as well such as G-rating that is fit for a general audience or NC-17 rating which prohibits children under 17 from watching the content.


Content Advisory like (L), (D) and (V) is also sometimes mentioned before a show or movie begins. The (L) means strong language, the (V) mean violence and the (D) means suggestive dialogue. Parents can take guidance from such information and then monitor their children’s television time by blocking movies, shows or channels that show such content.

How Do I block Programming?

Blocking programming is easy. You can read the TV manual for the steps to block certain shows or channels. If you do not have time to read the manual, just go on the “TV Guide” option using your remote control and click on “Settings”. There you will see an option titled “Parental Control”. Just follow it from there and read the options mentioned on the screen. These TV settings are quite user-friendly and you will have no trouble working your way around them.


So, why not start monitoring your children’s TV viewing from today to ensure that whatever they watch is suitable for their age?


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