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Reasons Why Your High Speed Internet is Testing Your Patience

It can be really annoying when you have important work at hand and your internet is running slow. This can be quite frustrating and may end up wasting your precious time. If your internet cable provider promised a high speed internet, but your internet fails to run on that speed, you might want to look at the reasons behind this problem. There can be several reasons that may be slowing down your internet. You can fix some of them while others might need some professional assistance.

Virus and Malware

When you use the internet, various kinds of virus and malware may affect your computer. These viruses eat up your valuable system files in order to spread to other computers or take over your computer entirely, destroying all your valuable system files in the process. Some viruses may try to make a connection with several other computers or send thousands of emails from your account hence, slowing down your internet speed and hogging the bandwidth.


Moreover, some websites download cookies onto your computer. These cookies may block a massive amount of memory on your hard drive and may cause harm to your system as well. The best way to avoid such issues is to download reliable anti-virus and anti-malware software that protects your computer against such problems.


You can also avoid these problems by browsing through websites carefully. If you find a website suspicious or receive an email from an unknown sender asking you to click on a link, do not give in to temptation. First check whether the email or website looks authentic to browse through, otherwise leave it.

Connection Problems

Physical problems with your wiring might also be the reason for the internet connection slowing down. Check all your wiring carefully. If the network cables are damaged or crimped, this may obstruct the internet speed and result in a slow down. In this case, you need to replace your old cables with fresh ones in order to correct the problem.


Moreover, other physical problems might include harsh weather conditions. Heavy storms and winds might disrupt satellite and wireless connections and cause the internet to slow down. Also, if the local geography around your home changes, for instance a growing tree or the construction of a huge building in front of your house can also cause disruptions in the connection because they may damage underground fiber optics.

Computer Hardware

If you own an old computer and have a high speed internet connection, your internet might not work on the speed as promised. High speed internet connections need ample system resources to support the bandwidth. Your old system might not have the necessary resources to run your internet properly. That’s why you should get your system upgraded or change it entirely to match the system requirements of your new internet connection.


These tips will help you fix the speed problems of your internet at home. If your internet connection is still testing your patience, it is better to call for professional help to fix the problem.


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