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Safety Alarm Systems – Guardian Angels for Seniors

In most homes, children move out when they start earning a steady income. This leaves aged parents all to themselves. At this sensitive age, couples or single parents have to live on their own which can be quite difficult. Many seniors have health issues and are not able to care properly for themselves.


Here is where safety alarm systems come in. They act as guardian angels and ensure that in case of any emergency, help is just a button away. Safety alarm systems are very beneficial for senior citizens, especially if they suffer from health conditions like arthritis, diabetes, or heart problems. Moreover, seniors who face physical issues and have to use a wheelchair, walker or cane to move around also benefit from this system. Here are some reasons why safety alarm systems are no less than guardian angels for seniors:


User Friendly

These systems are extremely user friendly and very easy to operate. The main consoles of safety alarm systems have a big EMERGENCY button to call for help when needed. If the senior is visually impaired, the buttons have Braille inscriptions to help the person identify them.


Alarm systems come with many handy accessories. Wristbands and pendants that are available with these systems can be worn at all times. They are quite flexible and the mouthpiece and HELP button can be interchanged on them. These accessories are light weight and waterproof so they can be worn in the shower as well.


So, in case of an accident or an emergency, a senior would not be expected to reach a telephone, remember emergency numbers or shout for assistance. All they need to do is press the Help button and they will be immediately connected to a representative who will listen to their problem and send help.


Round The Clock

The service is active 24/7 so assistance can be requested at any time, day or night. Moreover, the alarm system has sufficient range which allows people to call for help even if they are in their yard or at a distance from the main console.


Personal Reminder

Many medical alarm systems have added the feature of storing reminders. The system can be pre-set to remember medicine timings and dates of regular health checkups. The alarm system will remind you to take your daily dosage of medication on time. Also, you will no longer miss your checkup appointments as the alarm will remind you.


Sense of Security

Many seniors limit their movement as they age due to health conditions and weakness. As a result, their body’s stability and balance substantially decrease. This can consequently cause fatal accidents. Recent research stated that safety alarm systems have aided in reducing mortality rates and hospital usage has been reduced by a staggering 60%. This depicts how important these systems are for seniors who live alone.


Such alarm systems offer a sense of security not only to seniors but also to their families that live far from them. Seniors know that if they need help, they can just push a button to call help for themselves.


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