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Satellite Television Systems Are The Wave Of The Future

Satellite television systems are a convenient and superior way to get all the cable programming you could want and more.  It’s also a great option for customers in rural areas where there is no infrastructure for a cable connection. 


Satellite television systems are the wave of the future and here’s why:

·         Many more channels and some like NFL Sunday Ticket are only available on satellite television. Even the most basic satellite TV plans offer 500 channels or more where basic cable plans can be 100 channels.

·         Tier pricing is the same all across the country.  Cable prices and packages vary widely and can be hard to compare accurately.

·         Picture quality is superior to cable television.  The signal is beamed directly to your dish and then decoded by a receiver that is built in to a tuner or a set top box, so there is no signal dropoff.  Where cable signals have to travel miles, a satellite signal only travels from the dish to your receiver, often just a few feet.  Over long distances, cable signals degrade somewhat reducing the picture quality.

·         Ability to choose programming just by selecting a package and discarding the channels you don’t want.

·         Access to other channels that cable companies don’t carry.  Satellites can often pick up programming from other countries.

·         Satellite TV systems are easier to troubleshoot.  There is much more that can go wrong with cable TV and it’s often at the provider end, meaning you have to wait until they fix it.


In most cities, cable companies act like a monopoly and consumer frustration continues to grow along with the cost.  But with satellite television systems, there is competition and prices have been dropping and in many cases, cheaper than cable. 


In the United States, there are currently 30 million satellite TV subscribers and that number is expected to increase dramatically over the near term.  I think much of the reason satellite television systems haven’t taken over is because cable was first and people may be wary of trying a new technology where the current one works fine.  The trend is clear though and it’s just a matter of time before most consumers have a dish.


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