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Satellite TV Systems with Options

For great satellite TV systems with a bit of flexibility, Advanced Tech and Shaw have partnered up to bring you a full lineup to keep your boring nights fresh. This covers Fredericton and the areas surrounding it, so that includes you! The first few questions you should ask when deciding on a package is what is it that is watched the most in your household? Is it a mix of sports and movies? Or is it a mix of locals and kids’ networks? This will be the deciding factor on what package you get quoted, and is the fun beginning of something special.


Satellite TV systems are not just judged by the programming they provide, and also depend on the services associated with that programming. The ability to record your shows when you are away from home is an essential feature with any deal. Set top boxes can hold tons of movies and TV shows, letting you watch your favorites endlessly while fast forwarding through the commercials. And whatever shows you are tired of watching, you can simply delete to make room for more entertainment. It is an endless loop of media that you’re in full control of!


When going out to the movies is out of the question, take full advantage of Shaw Direct on demand. Satellite TV systems are equipped with all of the latest movies and TV shows, with select programming available for streaming. This means that if you don’t want to use any of the space in your box by recording a show, you can instead stream it if it is available on demand. This is a great way to catch up on a movie you may have missed a week earlier, or a TV show that had a blockbuster cliffhanger episode.


A set top box is not worth much if the guide is hard to navigate, so Shaw Direct has made theirs one of the most clutter free in the business. You’ll get full access to all of your programming and important features without needing to hunt for the most important buttons. Intuitive and simple, the system can be used largely without having to refer to an instruction manual. And don’t be afraid to ask your technician for a demo of the system after they finish installing the equipment-it may be a big help!


For quotes and availability in your area please call Advanced Tech at 1 (800) 689-3434 or (506) 472-1800. You won’t be disappointed!


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