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How Satellite TV Works


How satellite TV works is a question you don’t hear every day but to satisfy the geeks and the Curious Georges inside of us, it pays to know the answer. It may also help you decide whether you would like to go and get yourself satellite TV to solve your viewing issues.


Explaining how satellite TV works could get boring so let’s try sticking to the basics with a little use of the imagination.


Satellite TV uses the satellites orbiting the Earth to give off signals that will be picked up by satellite dishes. Since these satellites are way, way up into the sky (and farther into space) there should be no problem as far as the radio waves’ line of sight is concerned. Let’s put it this way: Who do you think sees much more in his line of sight, someone high up on a rooftop or someone below? It’s a no-brainer, right?


The satellite, in effect, is acting like a huge transmission tower over in space. That way it is able to transmit signals to large areas that are not going to be possibly covered by a land-based tower. The TV signals will be sent from the station to the satellite and then back to the Earth and into your TV sets.


(Technically, the relay is in this order: The channel sends the signal; the ground station receives it, multiplexes it in multiplexer bands, and transmits data for all the multiplexer bands up to the satellites. The satellite then kicks it back to the parabolic dishes, and the dish, owing to its shape, focuses it at one point. Then, a low-noise blocker gathers the signal and sends it to the box or a satellite receiver inside your home. The box sends it to the TV and the TV takes care of the whole thing going on and turns it into the picture that we see. And remember, this all happens in just a fraction of a second continuously!)


While providing a clear-cut, explain-it-to-me-like-I’m-a-fifth-grader way of clarifying how satellite TV works is not as simple as it sounds, it all makes us appreciate how technology has brought us this far. And one more reason why I will never regret signing up for probably the coolest experience there is inside my house– satellite TV viewing!


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