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The Senior Medical Alert System – It’s Just Common Sense

The statistics are staggering. Emergencies can and do happen. If you are over 65 the odds are better than even that you will have some type of medical emergency.  Having a senior medical alert system is like buying insurance. In fact it is better than buying insurance.    At stake is your health and safety or that of your loved ones.  Our Senior Medical Alert System allows you to easily customize its many features to fit your own situation and set of circumstances. It is your personal 24-hour emergency alert system. Let’s take a look at some situations.


Scenario 1– Nowadays, a new generation of kids are spending time alone after school with single parent families or both parents working.  Sure you can ask the neighbors to look in on them but is that as reliable as a system that never lowers its guard? A simple push of a button summons police department units who will rush to the scene.  An emergency can also activate two-way voice and/or a speaker phone putting responsible adults in direct contact with the children.


Scenario 2 – Seniors who live alone or are alone for extended periods can rest easy. Easy programming allows for inactivity reporting and an alarm can be sent automatically. The older we get the more susceptible we are to accidents in the home.   Each year, 2.5 million seniors are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries. Almost half of the seniors that fall cannot get up without help. The quicker help arrives the better the outcome for the person that has fallen. 


Scenario 3 – If you are at risk of stroke or heart attack quick responses by EMT units is essential.  The senior medical alert system with a back-up battery and RF frequency transmitter is dependent on a phone line and includes a pendant or wristband.


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