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Setting Up Parental Controls in Shaw Direct Advanced High Definition HDPVR (630)’ Satellite TV

To limit the type of content that can be viewed by your kids, you can configure Parental Control settings on your Shaw satellite Advanced High Definition HDPVR (630)’ Satellite TV. Those who want to view the content that has been filtered by the controls will need a PIN.  Content can be limited based on its ratings (Unrated, Mature, PG), or by the channel on which the content is broadcasted.


Every portal in your household that you intend to protect with parental controls must each have its own PIN. This specific PIN can be distinct for every portal.


How to Create Your PIN 

Before you can configure the Parental control, you must first come up with a Password, or PIN. To create a PIN:

1.    Press the MENU button on the remote.

2.    Go to the Settings category, navigate to Parental Controls, and press OK.

3.    Press the number keys on your remote and key in your password and then re-enter it again to confirm it.

4.    Select Close.


How to Lock Your Settings

You can easily set locks on particular channels on your Shaw Satellite TV. To do this,

1.    Go to the Settings category, navigate to the Parental Controls and then Press OK.

2.     Choose the Settings option.

3.    Navigate either to Movie Ratings, TV Ratings, and Lock by Channel using the LEFT and RIGHT arrows your Gateway Remote.

4.    Now press the OK button on th e Movie Rating, TV Channel, or TV Rating that you wish to lock.

5.    If it is successful, a locked icon will appear in your following selection.


How to Change Your Parental Control Password

1.    Go to the Settings category, navigate to the Parental Control, and then press OK.

2.    Select Settings, using the LEFT arrow, navigate to Change PIN and then press OK

3.    Key in your old PIN and then enter the new PIN twice.

4.    Click on Close.


Note: After you have changed your PIN, it is imperative to reset all your Parental Controls.


The Parental Control features below offer additional security against unauthorized viewing:

1.      When the program changes: In case the ratings-based locks have been enabled, every time a new program begins that either meets or exceeds the current rating lock, the parental PIN must be entered once again.

2.      With no guide data. In case the guide data has been erased by a power outage, or reset, and the Parental Controls were enabled before, the parental PIN will be needed to tune to any given channel till the Guide data is reloaded. In a majority of cases, the data should return in less than 15 minutes.

3.      Incorrect password.  In case an incorrect PIN has been entered consecutively five times, the system will initiate lockdown and deny access to all content including the menu for an hour.  


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