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Shaw Direct is the best fit for your satellite TV needs

Shaw Direct is the choice for you if you’re looking for the best in satellite TV.  Aside from a large assortment of English language programming, Shaw Direct also includes French language broadcasts as well as the largest assortment of HD channels available in Canada.  Just pick up your remote and you’ll have access to your favourite news, sports and entertainment channels.  You can find the current programming lineup on their home page.


Shaw Direct has an array of different packages designed to suit whatever your needs may be.  They also have promotional offers allowing you to sample their service at very reasonable pricing.  If you are a current subscriber, you are entitled to 50% off packages at your second home. 


Shaw Direct uses the latest in PVR technology with the Motorola 630 HDPVR.  On top of the dazzling high definition output, the internal hard drive allows for recording of 45 hours of HD programming and up to 175 hours of standard definition programming.  Since the Motorola 630 HDPVR is a dual tuner, you can tape two programs at once while watching saved content from the DVR list.  Another option is to record one channel while watching another.  It’s a very versatile system that insures you won’t miss out on any live programming.  Of course it comes with all of the outputs, including HDMI.


Customer service is a priority at Shaw Direct.  The calling centers are staffed with friendly, well trained agents who won’t leave you on hold for long periods of time.  Even better, if you do find yourself on hold, simply select the call back feature and hang up.  When your turn in the que arrives, you will immediately receive a phone call from an agent eager to assist.


For the customers who are unsure of switching to satellite TV, keep in mind that you will most likely have access to a greater assortment of programming as well as gain easier access to regional and foreign TV stations.  Rural customers may not even have a cable option since physical cable connects tend to be less common outside of denser populated areas.


All in all, Shaw Direct makes the most sense in fulfilling your television viewing needs.  A simple phone call to Advanced Tech at 1 (800) 689-3434 or (506) 472-1800 can get your started today.


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