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Shaw Direct Satellite TV

Many homes now have digital satellite receivers to provide greater flexibility in our viewing pleasure.  With our busy lifestyles we often cannot view our favorite programming when it is being broadcast. With the latest digital technology that does not matter a whit.   We can now watch not only prerecorded shows but even watch a “live” show while recording others. We can now view whatever programs we want when we want.  The Shaw Direct Satellite TV receiver represents a tremendous advance in the industry.  One of the most iconic names in electronics –Motorola has produced the Motorola HDDSR 600 which is a full-featured MPEG-4 capable digital satellite receiver combined with an advanced HDTV recorder integrated into one unity.  The result is superior high-definition programming and easy-to-use features.


If you are anything like me you are somewhat of a klutz when it comes to figuring out the features in most DVRs. I was not able to take advantage of the many features. When I tried to record shows something always went wrong and either I recorded the wrong show or the program stopped recording in the middle. When I tried to put parental controls on certain types of programming my kids seemed to figure out how to get around them resulting in some inappropriate viewing.  Finally there is a product which you can use without having to call for help every 10 minutes. Best of all, if you need technical support, the call centers are staffed with friendly, well trained agents who won’t leave you on hold for long periods of time. 


Some of the enhancements of the Shaw Direct Satellite TV receiver include:

– Simple navigation which makes it easier to search channels, times, and programs.

– Picture-in- guide display of channels and programs allowing you to browse while viewing programs

– Ability to surf channels or program listings by type or what interests the viewer. For example, nature, adventure, mystery, sci-fi, home & garden, etc.

– Password protected parental controls 

– Upgradeable so that future improvements can be downloaded

– Multiple types of connectors and formats allowing a better picture quality on HD capable TVS and standard-definition video and audio for HD incapable TVs

– MPEG-4 capability adds flexibility and adaptability to audio and video compression


For information on the Shaw Direct Satellite TV receiver and direct installation and programming please call Advanced Tech at 1-800-689-3434.


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