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Shaw Direct TV for the Modern Home

Customers that spend a lot of money on their home entertainment systems need an equally powerful service to pair with it. This same methodology works for customers with mobile phones, computers and even gaming systems. What do all of these things have in common? Shaw Direct TV connects all of these devices and turns them into multimedia Swiss army knives. With all of these devices combined by one service you’ll get benefits far and beyond what you would expect. Here is a rundown of everyday usage when it comes to all of these devices.


In a Shaw Direct TV connected home, all of your content that you pay for is at your fingertips. In the home your on demand and recorded shows are a button press away. But what happens when you’re away from the home? Mobile phones, tablets and computers can access the same content that you have at home so that nothing is ever missed. With apps from the company available for several platforms, no matter what device you have there is always support. And for those with devices not supported, you can simply use a supported web browser on the device to access the same features!


Never worry about being interrupted in the middle of a big sporting event again. The advanced HDPVR receivers from Shaw Direct TV let you pause, rewind and even record live television. No moment will be missed, and for those that hate commercials, pausing and then fast forwarding through them is a real option. A smart viewer will be able to watch all of their live programming without seeing a single commercial. The choice is in the customer’s hands, and it always will be.


The best thing about having a connected household with the service is taking advantage of the great deals and the packages associated with them. Advanced Tech can offer you customized packages that fit all of your current channel needs, and allows you to be as flexible as possible with the premiums. This means that everyone in the household will have something to watch, with a configurable program guide that gives everything to you straight. Helpful commands and program recommendations will flash from time to time, giving customers an endless supply of media for their modern home.


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