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Shaw HD PVR Installation Guide

We are surrounded by countless devices these days. The best thing about devices today is that not only are they easy to use, they are also very easy to install since they are so user friendly.


A high-definition personal video recorder or HD PVR is one such device that is quite user-friendly. It allows you to record your favorite shows so that you can watch them at your convenience. You can even rewind a program if you missed something or pause it if you have to get some snacks or receive an important phone call. Gone are the days, when you missed out on your favorite shows and had to wait for repeat telecasts.  If you have just bought a new Shaw HD PVR decoder, here are a few simple steps that will help you install your device at home.


Firstly, you will need to upgrade your satellite or cable to high definition. If your source is not high-definition, your decoder will not be able to record programming in high definition. Once that is done, you can begin installing your HD PVR decoder.


  • You will need two HDMI cables to install your HD PVR and connect it to your HDTV. Take one HDMI cable and plug one of its ends into the port labeled “HDMI OUT” on your HD satellite or cable receiver. Attach the other end of the cable into the port labeled “HDMI IN” on your HD PVR decoder. You can find this port on the back of your decoder.


  • Take the other HDMI cable and insert one of its ends into the port labeled “HDMI OUT” on the HD PVR decoder. Then, connect the other end of the HDMI cable into the port labeled “HDMI IN” on the HD Television. A high-definition TV, unlike other devices, has several HDMI IN ports, so it does not matter if you use any one of these.


  • Now you can switch on your satellite or cable receiver, your HD TV and your HD PVR decoder. Select the “HDMI” option from the video input sources list.


You are all set to start recording and watching your favorite TV programs. You can even pause the shows or rewind them if you want. Watch television at your convenience! No longer will you have to miss your favorite show when you’re out for dinner with family. Neither will you miss out on any important games thanks to this terrific device.


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