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What Is So Special About Armstrong Monitoring


Armstrong monitoring is not your average service, and has a proven track record with multiple agencies. They are a national monitoring company that offers specialized services to major security dealers like Advanced Tech. They are the first line of defense when something goes wrong in your home, and with support is still being offered for legacy equipment while keeping the same standards of the modern choices. Since 1989 they have been operating with security dealers in Canada, with support for both English and French speaking customers. Here are some of the benefits of the service, with a good overview of how their services impact your equipment.


The first thing that jumps out about the services offered is the lack of a wait time. Armstrong monitoring has two monitoring stations, one in Dartmouth and another in Moncton. The latter is completely bi-lingual, which is a must when dealing with specific medical emergencies. With these two stations operable 24/7, customers will not have to worry about busy lines or agents that can’t help when they need it the most. These stations were specifically set up to prevent situations where a customer can’t reach a live agent. With all of the wheels rolling, customers will get quick, dependable and friendly service whenever they need it.


One of the biggest pieces of technology to enter the home security/medical industry is the use of apps. Smartphones and tablets now have complete access to your most important home systems, so it is important that the app is bug free and functions with optimal uptime. Armstrong monitoring provides these apps to dealers in a fully tested condition to pass on to their customers. There is nothing worse than customers getting software that doesn’t follow the same ease of use as their monitoring systems. And these proven apps aren’t just for one type of device, but work on virtually all Android or iOS supported devices.


There are several other ways that Armstrong monitoring strengthens the bond between your hardware and your home. Updated compatibility with all hardware, live updates and access to logs for the dealers, accurate reports to help support new features and of course trained service professionals on the other end of the line. The service is all about making things easier for the hardware that it has to interface with. With both the service and the hardware working together to monitor your home, customers will get the most accurate protection possible.


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