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Stay Safe With D3000 DVR

A DVR, also known as a Digital Video Recorder is a very useful electronic device. As a high definition recording device, a DVR has many practical uses. It can be used to record television shows, security camera footage and more. Recently, its functionality as a security camera recording device has been realized.

The D3000 Summit Series is one such DVR that exceeds expectations and produces outstanding recording results. Here are some reasons why you should opt for a D3000 when buying a DVR.


Picture Resolution

The D3000 has a super resolution of 960×480. This is 34% better resolution than a standard D1. The device has been designed to allow 16:9 viewing, which means that you can watch your recordings on the wide screen.


The DVR allows the full potential of a recording camera to be realized by producing sharp, definite and accurate images. The clear picture is especially important for a security camera as it helps to identify a person in case of theft.


Real Time Recording

Many DVRs record alternating or discontinuous frames from a security camera. A D3000 will record 30 frames per second which is a full frame rate for real time recording. This implies that the video is being recorded in real time and that you will not miss a moment of the footage.


Mobile Application Support

Use your mobile phone or tablet as a remote control for your DVR. The D3000 allows mobile app support that enables users to control the DVR using mobile apps. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android based devices, the DVR enables users to manage the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) feature as well as remote playback.


Pentaplex Operation

Gone are the days when an electronic device could only carry out one task at a time. With the D3000, users can record, view, play back, backup and monitor a security camera at the same time. The Pentaplex operation allows users to execute five tasks simultaneously.


Motion Detection

You do not need to go through each and every scene of your security camera footage every day. The motion detection features solves this problem. Whenever the security camera detects motion, the DVR sends an e-mail to the user with a snapshot of that moment. This feature saves you time and hassle. It also helps you keep track of the areas that are being monitored by a security camera.



The D3000 can record up to 4, 8 or 16 channels depending on the number of channels that are configured into the system. This implies that the device can record the video footage of 4, 8 or 16 cameras at a time. The DVR is ideal for heavy security in places like office buildings, museums, libraries, departmental stores, etc., where several cameras are required to monitor the entire premises.


Considering the security needs of today, the D3000 DVR is an ideal recording device. It gives full control to users and facilitates them in recording security camera footage with ease. The convenience and functionality offered by the D3000 makes it the ultimate security device for users nowadays.


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