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Tips to Buy a Burglar Alarm System that Fits Your Needs

Safety being your number one priority, you cannot compromise on your family’s security. Having a burglar alarm system in the house will not only minimize the risk of danger, it will also give you the peace of mind that you have done your part to protect your family.


You can find several burglar alarm system companies, all offering a variety of features to give you extra protection and security. However, the alarm system you choose to buy must fit your lifestyle and budget. Here are a few tips to help you purchase the right burglar alarm system for your security needs.

Get a Discount (If You Can)

Many homeowner insurance firms offer discounts ranging from 2-20%. The firms will even provide you with a list of alarm models that qualify for their discount. Contact your insurance company and find out the amount of discount that they offer you. A reasonable discount can help you lower your security bills.

Research and Shortlist

Do a little background research and find out which companies offer their security service in your area. Browse their websites to see which ones offer the security features you and your family need. Shortlist your options to three or four companies that offer you the necessary security features.

Get Quotes

Make appointments with these firms so they can send in their staff to inspect your house and demonstrate the different kinds of security features they offer. If you have pets or kids in the house, it is better to discuss what needs to be done to deactivate false alarms and to minimize their occurrence. The size of the house, the number of members and the area you live in will all affect the final quote that companies give you.

Your Budget

Hiring security companies to offer you protection may leave you with a lighter pocket. These services are expensive, so if you have decided to spend money, ensure that the company meets your security requirements and fits well in your budget as well.

Ask for Recommendations

Many of your neighbors might also have hired protection services from such security companies. Go around your neighborhood and ask them which company they have hired and whether they are satisfied with the service or not. An honest review by a current or ex customer can help you decide on one company easily.

Verify Business Authentication

If you have now come down to one or two names on your list, you can arrange a meeting with them and ask them more questions regarding their company. Find out whether the employees of the firm are trained and certified by a known authority like the Electronic Security Association. Also check if the firm has any important state licenses for business.

Have It Installed

Get the company staff to install the entire equipment in your house and give you and adult family members a complete demonstration of how the system should be used.


Now sit back and enjoy your family life without having to worry about security issues.


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