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Tips to Help You Keep Your Pets from Triggering a False Alarm

A false alarm can be a real nuisance for you as well as the security company. With pets around the house, the occurrence of false alarms increases. Pets like cats, dogs or rabbits are likely to run around the house and sit in cozy places (usually where the motions sensors are fixed).


There is usually a small opening in the entrance door for pets to leave or enter the house. Many times while moving in or out, they push the door too hard, triggering the sensor. Cats love to sit by windows and may shake them with their paws. If you have pets and are tired of the security alarm going off repeatedly, here are some things you should do.

Place Motion Sensors Strategically

Pets usually roam around on the floor. You can place motion sensors higher on the wall where the pets cannot reach them or interfere with them. Fixing the sensors at a sufficient height will keep pets from toying with them.

Consider Their Climbing Habits

Some pets, such as cats, like to climb on top of things and leap around. Try not to place the sensors where pets like to climb most. Choose places to fix your sensors where your pet is likely to go the least. This way you will be able to reduce the chances of triggering a false alarm.

Discourage Them

If your pet can be trained easily, then you can teach it to avoid going to certain areas. Discourage them from going to certain places in the house where the sensors are fixed. It will take some time and effort but you will be happy with the result.


Try rewarding them as much as you can and move their beds far away from those restricted areas. Most dogs train easily and will not give you much of a problem. However, cats are usually more stubborn and you might want to either restrict their movement near that area with some obstruction or look for another option to keep them from triggering the security alarm.

Pet Gates

You can use pet gates to keep your pets from coming into rooms where sensors are installed. This will surely help keep your pets away from the sensors.

Pet-Immunity Feature

Another option might be to talk to your security company about the pet-immunity option. Some motion detectors have a function which does not trigger the alarm when a pet that is less than 80 pounds climbs on it. This can certainly help reduce false alarms triggered by pets.


However, if you own a very large and heavy pet or have more than one pet, this function might not be suitable for them.

Investigate Other Causes

Even after taking all kinds of measures to keep your pets away from motion sensors, if your security system still sounds false alarms, it may not be your pet’s fault. In such circumstances, it is advised to inspect other reasons that might be the cause behind the sounding of false alarms.


These tips will help you minimize false alarms and save your valuable time and money.


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