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Troubleshoot: Solve Home Security System Issues Yourself

The main purpose of home security systems is to keep you and your family safe. But what would happen if this system malfunctions? To keep your family safe and protected at all times, you must learn how to troubleshoot this device and rectify small faults, preventing your family from any harm against intruders. Read on to know some of the basic ways to troubleshoot your security device.

False Alarms

When your home security alarm starts giving off false alarms after every few hours, you must check all the sensors installed in the house. Alarm sensors are sensitive to the slightest of movements and may trigger a false alarm due to minor movements.


If you have installed a thermal sensor in your window, a sudden temperature change may cause the sensor to trip. Vibration sensors in windows can also be triggered if strong winds cause the windows to shake.

No Alarm

If the sensors do not activate the alarm, then you must check its power source. If you have a model that works with batteries, check whether you need to replace the old batteries with new ones. In case you have a plug-in system, make sure the device is properly plugged into the socket and is not hanging loose.

Control Panel Issues

The control panel is the main component of a security alarm system. It is used to arm and disarm the system by entering a security password. If the screen of the control panel is blank, check to see if the device is receiving power.


If it has power but the control panel is displaying error codes on its screen, then something is wrong with it. Go through the manual to see what the codes mean and try to follow the instructions given in the manual to rectify the error. If the keypad on the control panel does not work, you might need to have it repaired by a professional.

If Nothing Works…

The last resort would be to contact the company that provided you the security alarm system. They have expert personnel that know how to fix all kinds of issues with your alarm system. They will also make any repairs if needed and change any broken or damaged parts of the system.


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