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The Truth About Home Intrusion Detection

Getting your home broken into is a real shock. Yes the items that may have been stolen are important but beyond the monetary or sentimental value of stolen objects is an underlying psychological factor. The psychological impact of some uninvited stranger entering your personal living space cannot be underestimated. Your sanctuary has been violated. You no longer feel safe and secure in your own home. Every year more than 2 million homes are burglarized. According to the FBI Crime reports, there is a one in five chance that this will happen to you. The likelihood of this happening is 3.5 times more likely if a home does not have a home intrusion detection system.


The truth is that it doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in or whether it is day or night. My son left his pride and joy – a customized bike in our open garage for a few minutes. When he returned it was gone. A bike ring had taken it in an instant. A thief or thieves will target a home that is the easiest target. Guess which home the thief will go for if there isn’t a home intrusion detection system?


Even if you have nothing of value in the home it only makes sense to protect your family and loved ones by installing a home intrusion detection system. As a former security expert the main goal is deterrence and then detection. Keep any intrusion from happening by making it obvious that the home is being protected and detect any intrusion quickly, and notify the appropriate authorities.  These systems come in a variety of packages and it really depends upon you and the value you place on what you are protecting.


The basic package plus a reasonable monthly monitoring fee will include:     

Motion sensors    

Window and door sensors    


Additional packages may include cameras and DVR’s.

Cameras to record activity 24/7 or when a motion sensor is tripped


The installation of a basic package home intrusion detection system plus monthly monitoring is far less than the average loss for a burglary and insurance companies will usually provide discounts for monitored homes. Fire protection can be included in Advanced Tech security systems at minimal cost. Get yourself some piece of mind today.


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