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Ways to Get High Speed Internet in Remote Areas

Did you always dream of living in a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, like somewhere in the woods or on a mountain? If your dream has come true, that’s great, but how can you survive without an internet connection? If there is no internet connection where you live and the area is quite remote, here are some ways to get a high speed internet connection.

Wireless Internet

If you live in a remote area in Canada, you can enjoy Xplornet’s wireless high-speed internet at home. Xplornet is Canada’s foremost national internet provider offering 4G networking services. They have wireless towers fixed in various remote areas throughout Canada to provide internet to everyone, no matter where they reside.


Contact the company to know more about their internet plans. Certified company personnel will install the internet service for you so that you can benefit from high-speed wireless internet at home.

Satellite Internet

If you live in an area where the local geography does not support the placement of a wireless tower, you can opt for Xplornet’s satellite internet. You may need a clearing to setup the satellite antenna. If you live deep in the woods where the trees usually make a dense roof above you, find a clearing near your house that can expose your satellite dish to the southern sky. The antenna size may be 67cm, 74 cm or 98cm and can be installed on your roof, or mounted on a wall using a standard tri-mast mount. You will be required to contact Xplornet’s friendly staff that will first come and inspect the area and ensure if your home will be able to get the desired internet connection.


So, it does not matter where you live. You can still enjoy high-speed internet. Just see what the area has to offer and then try one of these methods that best suits your locale.


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