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What’s so great about the Shaw HDPVR?

PVRs encode video data in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 formats and store the data in a hard drive.  PVRs have all of the same functionality of VCRs (recording, playback, fast forwarding, rewinding, pausing) plus the ability to instantly jump to any part of the program without having to rewind or fast forward the data stream.  Besides the device or hardware, the Shaw HDPVR also comes with a service providing the programming information and the ability to encode the data streams.


So what makes this particular HD PVR so great?  Simply put, the Shaw HDPVR represents the latest and greatest in PVR technology.  When you sign up for Shaw Direct Satellite TV, part of the equipment bundle you will receive is their state of the art HDPVR. The receiver is MPEG-4 capable with improved encoding and the ability to encode mixed media data . It’s a cinch to hook up and aside from the HDMI input, there is component video for older TV models so it is very versatile.  Of course the picture you receive for your viewing pleasure is absolutely remarkable.  Let’s look at some of the features of the Shaw HDPVR.


A partial features list includes:

An internal hard drive that can store 45 hours of HD programming or 175 hours of standard programming

The Shaw HDPVR has dual tuning capability which offers maximum flexibility in TV viewing.


Option 1:  Watching one show while recording another


Option 2:  Watching one previously recorded show while recording TWO others

Easily adjusted screen ratios, especially useful when watching standard definition programming

A variety of  recording options with the ability to record new shows and automatic deletion of older shows ensuring freed up disk space  

Access to Pay Per View movies and events with a simple phone line hookup

An interactive On-Screen Guide that is user friendly in design, taking the hassle out and making the search for your desired programming quick and easy. 

Ability to pause live TV or skip back to whatever you missed


In addition, many of the functions that you expect from PVR’s are included such as:  parental controls, access to music channels, and search tools.  All of this for a price that is easy on your wallet. For information on the Shaw HDPVR, please call  Advanced Tech at 1-800-689-3434 or (506) 472-1800.


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