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How To Get WiFi In Remote Areas

One of the benefits of living in a city is access to a number of WiFi access options.  Well, the further you get away from that city, the harder it is to get WiFi. Why?  Because companies who offer it have to invest in expensive infrastructure and won’t see a return on their investment in smaller communities. 


Which begs the question, how to get Wifi in remote areas? Well, it’s easy to get WiFi in remote areas and satellite internet is the answer.  It’s basically available anywhere the signal is beamed from a geostationary satellite orbiting the earth. 


Xplornet is a satellite internet company that specializes in delivering WiFi in remote areas.  Basically, the only requirement is being able to see the sky.  It works anywhere, even in mountainous regions.  One of the knocks on satellite internet in the past has been the inability to stream video or play video games due to low latency.  With improvements in satellite technology, you can now watch videos on your tablet, play video games on your console, stream movies on your television and more.  And your entire home can be connected.  That includes any device capable of having an internet connection. 


Internet problems are a real source of annoyance for anyone who relies heavily on their internet connection.  Xplornet has great customer service with agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to assist you should any problems occur.  They have a nice assortment of packages and even a bundle option for Shaw Direct customers that offer up to a $50 credit to anyone who qualifies and signs up.  If you are unsure of Xplornet or have never heard of them, take it from the 250,000 customers who are current subscribers, the largest number of rural Canadian subscribers of any company.


The answer to the question, how to get wifi in remote areas is simple.  Just call your authorized Xplornet dealer Advanced Tech at 1(800) 689-3434 or (505) 472-1800 and see how you can get connected today.


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