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Coverage of Hi-speed Internet in Remote Areas


In today’s era of high technology and social media, a faster internet connection is essential not only for personal use but also for businesses to grow and survive. According to World Internet Users Statistics, a whopping 51% of the world’s population has access to the internet. What happens to the remaining 49%? One study from World Economic forum says that coverage remains limited for many areas.


This is one reason why Xplornet promises to expand the coverage of hi-speed internet in remote areas. To ensure this, Xplornet invests in improving their network using wireless and satellite technology. This means every rural Canadian city is covered, ending the so-called digital divide in Canada.


How huge is Xplornet’s coverage of hi-speed internet in remote areas? One of the great features of Xplornet’s website is you can check the coverage in your area via an interactive Canadian map. For example, in New Brunswick, over 706 communities are covered, that is 72,908 sq. km. Once you become a subscriber, available services for you include Home Internet, Home Phone, Xtra Care, Internet Security Suite, web and email hosting, email accounts and static IP address. Note that the services and offerings differ per area so better check their website for available services in your location.


Another good thing about Xplornet’s coverage of hi-speed internet in remote areas is being able to reach not only the most rural areas in the mainland but also in islands like Newfoundland and Labrador. With 405,212 sq. km covered, over 280 hard to reach communities are served. This is to make sure that those people who love to reside in a more quiet surrounding of rural and remote communities can stay connected. However, some of the services are no longer available and only satellite technology is being used in the area. Wireless internet is not available yet.


So, what are you waiting for, rural and remote Canada? Join the online world and be connected. Wherever you are, whether you are off the grid, Xplornet ’s coverage hi-speed internet in remote areas will ensure that you are not missing your favorite Netflix movies or enjoy your online games in all its high-speed internet glory. Find out what packages and services are available in your area.


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