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Customize Your Plan With Xplornet’s Internet Packages


Finding a great internet package can be challenging and perplexing to some, especially if they aren’t familiar with tech terms and how the internet works. Often, there are different products that work best for different people. Xplornet’s Internet packages may just be what you and your family needs. Here is how to find the best deal for you:


Xplornet’s Internet packages are very customizable as signal quality and network conditions may vary per location. Some data choices may be available to selected regions only. To know which exact package is suited for you, Xplornet’s official website has a feature which allows you to enter your postal code and explore internet packages that complement your lifestyle.


For example, a basic residential package in Ontario includes a download speed of up to 5 Mbps, 10GB monthly data allowance, 4G satellite technology, equipment installation contract, and up to 5 email accounts. This package is recommended for basic web browsing and email for 1-2 devices. Additional services may also be offered depending on availability. These include home phone, security suite, web hosting services, service warranty and static IP. This internet package costs around $65 every month. Higher data usage for downloading, streaming, and active web activity for more devices may also be availed at different prices. You may choose from any of Xplornet’s internet packages for up to $99, with personalized inclusions.


Business packages are also tailored to suit the users’ internet needs. For average streaming, active web activity or downloading, an internet package of up to 50 GB monthly data allowance may be suitable. Reliable internet for even the remotest part of Canada is now possible. Xplornet ensures that your business is connected wherever you are in the country.


Xplornet’s package assistant is also a great website feature wherein you can find the right Xplornet internet package based on your needs and internet habits. To know which package is appropriate, some key factors to consider are the people in your household, the frequency of browsing websites, streaming videos, downloading music and games, and your location. The package assistant will then recommend a package based on your response.


Xplornet’s high-speed internet service can save you hundreds of dollars when you choose the right package. It is flexible enough to meet your needs but also affordable and available to even the most remote areas of the country. Finding the perfect internet deal may be challenging but with Xplornet’s customizable internet packages, you can never go wrong.


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