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How Fast Is The Internet in Remote Locations


Almost 2 decades ago, most of us accessed the internet using dial-up connection. This means using the telephone line to browse the world wide web. But it was the slowest internet connection ever but we had no option back then. Fast forward 3-5 years later, we then have to thank whoever invented the Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) in which we access the internet through cable lines, the world then experienced faster internet speed. Then, broadband internet became available to the market.


However, some rural areas are still not equipped with DSL lines. This is because materials and installation costs are high. Thankfully, another invention made it possible for a faster connection of the internet in remote locations.


Xplornet, the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in Canada has found the best solution in providing internet in remote locations via their newly launched 4G and fixed wireless network. These towers make it possible for a faster internet in remote locations. Why? Because these Xplornet installed hundreds of fixed wireless towers all across the country and the number is increasing. No matter where you live, you will get faster internet signal. This is to ensure high-speed internet in remote locations is readily available. This is Xplornet’s way of showing their commitment that every rural Canadian city now has access to a reliable high-speed internet.


But how fast is the said high-speed internet in remote locations?


Since the 4G and fixed wireless network have tripled Xplornet’s satellite internet capacity, you have a guaranteed download speed of up to 25 Mbps internet in remote locations but at an affordable cost. Can you imagine what a 25 Mbps download speed can do? It can supply an internet connection for up to 5 devices at home. This means somebody can stream movies while the others can play computer games or download music and browse the internet. Cool, isn’t it?


If you choose the lowest package which has 5 Mbps download speed, it can still supply an internet connection for 2 devices, which is actually still pretty good.


So, if you are from a rural area in Canada, don’t miss this chance. Call your local Xplornet dealer to have a high-speed internet in a remote location. Although the availability varies depending on your location, Xplornet has now the capacity to serve approximately 500,000 in all of the rural areas in Canada as of 2017.


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