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Get High Speed Internet in your Area


To get high speed internet in your area has never been this easy! Thanks to Xplornet, the largest rural fixed wireless broadband service provider in Canada. It offers high-speed internet to residential and business customers in the country but it focuses more on rural areas with the use of its fixed wireless network.


With the launching of its fixed wireless towers, Xplornet can now let the customers get high speed internet in their area. This latest Xplornet technology can support approximately 500,000 subscribers. But how will you get high speed internet in your area?


When you visit the Xplornet website, there is a feature that would allow you to check the coverage and the services available in your locality. Just click a specific province on the interactive map and you will be directed to the province’s facts and figures. For instance, in New Brunswick, over 72,908 square KM with over 706 communities are covered by the Xplornet internet services. Available services for New Brunswick subscribers are the following:


– Home Internet

– Web and Email hosting

– Home Phone

– Additional Email accounts

– Xtra Care

– Static IP Address

– Internet Security Suites


Now, those services are not available in all areas. But to know how to get a high-speed internet according to your user profile and area, you can use the package assistant feature on the Xplornet website. It will tell you which packages are in store for you.


For example, if you are from New Brunswick and there are only two users in your household and both of you check the email regularly, occasionally download videos and music, occasionally stream movies, you are recommended to get the 5 MBPS package.


However, for those who frequently stream or download videos in Netflix, with other members of the household who are heavy gamers, and the others are downloading music, the 25 MBPS package is suggested to suit your needs. Indeed, you won’t get wrong if you choose to get high speed internet via Xplornet’s fixed wireless tower as packages are available based on your locality and needs.


So what are you waiting for? It is indeed your time now to get high speed internet via Xplornet and take advantage of the wireless high-speed Internet from its fixed wireless towers. Even if you are living in the remotest rural part of Canada, Xplornet is the only Internet service provider that can answer all your internet needs.


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