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Get High Speed Internet in New Brunswick


Three years ago, Xplornet President Allison Lenehan said that New Brunswick can now claim the fastest rural fixed wireless internet speeds in Canada – and they are living up to their words. At 25 Mbps, Xplornet subscribers will be able to experience everything the Internet has to offer, from streaming super HD content to downloading full-screen video content, at affordable prices.


Xplornet Communications Inc. is Canada’s biggest rural broadband service provider. Xplornet services are available even in Canada’s most rural areas with the use of hybrid technology of fixed-wireless towers on the ground and modern satellites in space.


The Canadian Internet Registration Authority recently found that New Brunswick has the best internet access in the country, with average download speeds of around 27 megabytes per second.


Hundreds of thousands of customers enjoy fast speeds to download and stream videos, play games and get the entire home connected with Xplornet High Speed Internet in New Brunswick. A few years ago, a 25 Mbps speed would have been incomprehensible. But it is now made possible by Xplornet. The best part is that you can fully customize your internet package according to your needs and web browsing habits. This may be done by answering a few questions on the Xplornet website and a packaging assistant could recommend a deal based on the users’ internet usage. Xplornet support is also easily accessible should anyone need a customer service professional to choose the right internet package for them.


Xplornet offers Home Phone bundles, Internet packages, and Internet essentials – just about everything you need to get high speed internet in New Brunswick. Promotions are available to get high speed internet at the most affordable rates. Over 706 communities served in 72,906 square km of Canada’s extensive rural land.


In addition to high speed internet, Xplornet also offers Home Phone bundles, Internet security suite, static IP address, and web hosting.


Xplornet Communications, Inc. was founded in 2004 in New Brunswick. It takes pride in its rural roots despite its nationwide growth. Its head office is in Woodstock and two call centers in the province. The company aims to provide high speed internet not only in New Brunswick but all over Canada – including the rural areas. Now, even rural Canadians can get connected to what matters to them anytime.


Today, high speed internet in New Brunswick is no longer a dream. It is now a reality made possible by Xplornet Communications, Inc. For more information on XPlornet Hi speed Internet, call Advanced Tech at (800) 689-3434 or (506) 472-1800 and receive a no obligation quote today.


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