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Get High Speed Internet and Home Phone Bundles in Rural NB


Finding high speed internet and home phone bundles can be a challenge considering the number of internet providers in New Brunswick. The increase in the demand for internet services has resulted in an increase in the number of internet provider companies in the area.


That said, it’s a good thing that Xplornet Communications Inc. makes high speed internet and home phone bundles available in New Brunswick. Affordable high speed internet makes it possible to stream videos and have a reliable connection for web surfing across Canada. Xplornet has been providing innovative broadband solutions for more than ten years now.  


Now, even with the country’s vast geography, rural Canadians can enjoy high speed internet and home phone bundles. Xplornet has a hybrid network of fixed-wireless towers and state-of-the-art satellites.  


High speed internet and Home Phone Bundles are available in different packages according to your needs. Now you can connect with people who matter to you most with fast and reliable download speed. For light users, you may opt for LTE 5Mbps + Home Phone 500 Bundle. This bundle is recommended for people who use the internet only for emails or simple web browsing and social media usage. If you often video chat with friends and family or like to stream movies, you may opt for the LTE 10 Mbps + Home Phone 500 Bundle. The faster speed will ensure that you enjoy your movies and stay connected to your loved ones. However, if you use your internet for gaming or heavy downloads, Xplornet has the perfect pair for you. LTE 25 Mbps + Home Phone 500 bundle lets you take delight in your online games and is the best rural internet speed.


Xplornet ensures that subscribers get great internet service anywhere in Canada. Packages and pricing can vary by location. Each area may have different offers available and package assistants are available to help callers choose the right high speed internet and home phone bundle for them. Potential subscribers may also answer a few questions on the Xplornet’s website about their browsing habits and internet usage to determine which high speed internet and home phone bundle is right for them.


Xplornet’s great internet deal lets you chat, surf, stream and even play online games in rural New Brunswick. Canada’s rural experts will get your entire home connected with high speed internet and home phone bundles. Now, you have more time to connect with your loved ones and get the most out of your internet package.


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