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How Advanced Tech Has Kept Their Community Connected for Over 15 Years

Friendly local service is the name of the game for Xplore’s valued directory of authorized dealers. The same is true of Advanced Tech in rural New Brunswick.

“Customers are our priority, and we make sure getting them connected is our focus. Customers say “Call Advanced Tech and they will make sure you’re online as quickly as possible”,” owner, Brent McLean said.

Ever since 2007 when they became a dealer, you could find Brent doing everything in his power to ensure his customers are happy.

“My role changes from day to day. Lately, I’ve been going out with our senior technician. I jump in the van with him and help him out with some of the installs. While we’re driving from job to job, I’m on the phone answering customers’ questions,” he said.

Brent has been working with technology his entire career.

He received a rare opportunity to manage Pederson’s Electronics at just 19 years old. Later, he managed service and installation for a security monitoring company called Armstrong Communications. These experiences inspired him to open his own business.

In July of 1995, Advanced Tech was established. Brent ran the business from his home in Chipman, selling and installing security, alarm, and medical alert systems. He also repaired TVs and VCRs.

By 1996, he had a team of four salespeople covering rural areas from Hartland to Doaktown to Bouctouche and Harvey. Things took off from there.

“Business was growing, we were busy, and life was great,” he said.

Becoming an Authorized Xplore Dealer allowed the business to afford to build their own building at 1290 Hanwell Road in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with all their Xplore work keeping six full-time installers on the road.

In 2008 they won an Xplore Dealer Excellence award and in 2015 they were awarded the Top Dealer in Atlantic Canada plaque.

“Brent and his team are meticulously organized and willing to try new ideas to advance the goals of Xplore and Advanced Tech,” Xplore District Sales Manager Ryan Maclean said.

The Advanced Tech team has a spirit of innovation and a genuine passion for working with customers in rural areas.

Our rural customers are attentive and appreciative,” he said.

They’ve had several calls from customers saying they are glad to talk to someone friendly and right in their community.

“The biggest thing that sets Xplore apart is the service. Having local dealers and call centres where customers can speak to someone who is right here in Canada is a big bonus,” Brent said.

He said that customers have also been commenting on how much the service has improved with the introduction of fixed wireless Internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

“Customers who have moved from the satellite platform to fixed wireless comment on how much faster the internet works for them. People are happily gaming, streaming and working from home,” he said.

And, with the upcoming launch of Xplore’s next-generation J3 satellite service, satellite customers will be able to upgrade to speeds up to 100 Mbps.

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