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How to Get Wifi in Remote Areas in New Brunswick

Living in rural areas could mean fresh air, organic food, and peaceful countryside but it could also mean no access to Wifi. This is what sets living in a city apart. It is easy to get Wifi anywhere. But thanks to the 4G and LTE fixed wireless network, it is now easy to answer the question how to get Wifi in remote areas successfully?

Most telecommunication companies don’t want to invest in expensive telecommunication equipment in remote areas as the return on investment can be low. But with Xplornet, those living in rural areas would now know how to get Wifi in remote areas successfully.

Yes, the answer is in 4G and LTE fixed wireless towers, Xplornet now has the capacity get the entire household connected with its 25 MBPS speed. This allows 1 person to stream movies, while others can play video games and the rest can browse the internet or do video call.

But here lies another question: how to get Wifi in remote areas? This would be made possible using a router. A router gets connected to the wireless network so it could transmit internet signal to all the computers and devices at home. Then, multiple devices would be able to catch Wifi signal from the router. How then can customers choose the right one? Given that Xplornet uses 4G and fixed wireless towers to transmit high-speed internet signal, it definitely has compatible router brands perfect for their system. Some of these are:

– Asus: RT-N16 SuperSpeed N Router

– Buffalo: WZR-HP-G300NH

– D-Link:  DI-601, DI-604, DIR-600, DIR-827, FR300RTR, WBR-2310

– Fritz Box: 7270, 7390

– Linksys: BEFSR41, E1000, E1500, E3000, E3400, E4200, E4200, WRT160N, WRT160N, WRT160N v2, WRT160N V3, WRT310N V2, WRT54G, WRT54G,WRT54G, WRT54GL

– MediaLink: MWN-WAPR150N

– NetGear: N600, N600 WNR3500L, Range MAX, WGR614 v10, WGT624, WNDR4500/N900, WNR2000, N300 WNR3500L

If you have a router that is not on the list, it would be best to contact Xplornet for troubleshooting or other options. Again, how to get Wifi in remote areas successfully lies in the compatibility of your router to the 4G and fixed wireless network that Xplornet offers.

The most important thing is you will no longer get annoyed with a slow internet connection. Contact your nearest Xplornet dealer and they will do the rest. Always remember, the answer to the question how to get Wifi in remote areas successfully only has this best answer: a fixed wireless network that Xplornet offers.

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